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An Easy Target

I always wondered what makes women and children an easy target for any kind of bullying and violence. Is it because the society  always assumes that women and children are invariably defenseless; that they wont fight back?

Bullying and domination is a common thing in every society. But I guess we as active or passive members of society have adjusted around the idea of its existence. And or we have failed to address it at its inception or when it needs to be addressed the most. Later when the sheer volume of crimes increase we start making laws which actually puts the victims/ survivors to relive their ordeal once again.

Whether the mass molestation that happened in Bengaluru during New Year’s eve on 31st December 2016 or the cyber bullying of Zaira Wasim (of Dangal movie Fame). Its all attacking women in one way or the other. Its sending a clear message to women folks that well this society doesn’t appreciate you as a successful, happy woman who wears what she likes and hangs out wherever and whenever she likes and also takes her own decisions while being unapologetic about it.

People and society has a skewed perception about the female gender. Our roles and obligations are defined by them and we are to adhere to them. Funnily; we are also judged by those who may have or may not have borne those responsibilities with or without panache or any success.

I at least hope and pray that we women start changing our perception towards each other, rather than looking at these attacks to further push back the emancipation of women. Because like it or not it’ll also have an impact on you later on.

Women need to be emancipated from the current and age old perceptions about their gender, sexuality and stereotyped roles. I think we are tax payers, care givers and care takers, leaders, celebrities, influential, voters, thinkers, politicians, writers, motivators and many more such things. Which makes us important and worthy people and contributors to the society in every way. It is this significance that we need to capitalise on to be emancipated from the shackles of stereotypical gender biases and thinking.

Here again, I urge women to participate in supporting and encouraging each other. No more back stabbing or back biting and or being bitchy. For all those women who are looking to do something about their emancipation, follow this link below.

Wherever you are join the movement on Saturday 21st January between 5PM-8PM. Join the movement #IWillGoOut. Contact us at: