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Who moved my Cheese? Book Review

By Celin Thomas

The book is nearly 95 pages and is a simple read for all those who love reading about life skills. But for those folks who are into fiction, this book will be easy for their reading too as the idea is portrayed through fictitious characters.

‘Who Moved my Cheese?’ by Dr. Spencer Johnson is an amazing book for those who have had mental barriers blocking them for years in achieving something or understanding someone & adjusting to changing situations & circumstances.

Please read the forward note by Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D who has given a perspective to understand how we would be able to use this book and who all can practically apply the learnings from it.

The copyright says year 1998 credited to the author but I’m sure the idea of adjusting and adapting to change has been around for eons. Very few people have been able to grasp this logic and be able to imbibe them into their lives. But I’m glad that there is finally a book that has managed to put such an important lesson in life in such a simple manner.
Its almost like a story book teaching us how to remain flexible and adaptable in situations that may seem hopeless & frustrating. Two mice (Sniff & Scurry) & Little people (Hem & Haw) are 4 characters which have interesting perspectives about leading life and chasing goals. When you read through the book you’ll find stark resemblance of those characters from the people you already know and would be surprised to note that in certain situations you may have also acted like one of these characters.

Few of the things that hinder our growth or throw us out of the game are own fears and preconceived notions, redundant beliefs. The book clearly states that change is a very important part of life and people must be able to accept and adapt accordingly as nothing lasts forever.

Cleverly, it also suggests that we need to sense the indications of forth coming changes by staying alert; so that we aren’t swept away by the tide of change rather we could ride with the tide itself and enjoy it while it lasts. The book also talks about hope in despair and self-affirmation of realisation of goals. The book essentially says that Cheese is anything that you may find important & or aspirational in your life. So your cheese could be your life partner, job or any such goal.