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Sania-Shoaib-Ayesha: Scoop or just another sleazy love triangle

Sport stars and celebs are constantly in the limelight, they often attract attention for their personal lives more than their achievements in their respective fields. Anna Kournikova was known more for her affair with popstar Enrique Iglesias than her sport tennis, David Beckham sex texts with Rebecca Loos made tabaloids go ga-ga for a long time and the more the recent Tiger Woods serial sex escapades saga.

Looks like there are more skeletons in their closet than awards and achievements from their profession to display. Perhaps when they fall short in their accomplishments, revealing some of these skeletons would buy them some media bytes and perhaps even sympathy. Sportstars like spiritual gurus are revered all over the globe by their loyal fans. Some of these stars take their roles seriously like Sachin Tendulkar and live up to the expectations off their followers and also raise the standards of the game they play. They command so much respect that even the media wouldn’t want to portray them otherwise.

But for the rest of the folklore I guess cheap media publicity is the only way out. I mean look at the state of media. Constantly running out of breaking news, they cover sleaze by showing peoples personal lives which is actually nobody’s business. Come to think of it, how will knowing how many wives Shoaib Malik has will make a difference to an average individual?

These days relationships, engagements and marriages are breaking at such a pace reflecting the inconsistency, insecurity and uncertainty of the human mind. I mean it was just two months that Sania Mirza called off her engagement with her childhood sweetheart. So now, where did Shoaib Malik land from? There are series of evidences released by Ayesha Siddiqui, wonder what she plans to achieve through them instead of just politely asking for a divorce, she preferred to malign herself, her entire family and thinks to harm Shoaib Malik as well. I guess Ayesha Siddiqui is unaware of Shoaib’s god-like status in Pakistan.

Whatever is the truth or if the whole thing is a sham even then this kind of news is for magazines which covers sleaze read by a certain section of society predominantly consisted of gossip mongers. Not many are interested in their lives and certainly not even their professional accomplishments. Our country unlike many theocratic countries is free and many sport stars can be created if they are given the right opportunity. So even if Sania Mirza leaves India, it’ll give many other women in India to gain similar pedestal in our country.

Sports icons come and go, they create history, make their countries proud and later retire and soon in no time another star is born; this is a cycle. People must give up their fixations to one person and try open up to budding talents. If its drama that you are looking for then just look at your own life closely. Anyway there isn’t any dearth of sleaze magazines and tabloids in our country which mainly promote false news about celebs to garner publicity and interest for a certain period to attract attention for a new product or service.

By Celin Thomas