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When I watched Brave

By Celin Thomas

I admit that I wasn’t a great fan of animation as I thought it was meant only for kids. Yeah! I had my set notions as well. But then I saw Hanuman years ago in Theatre; what a spectacle and amazing All Indian creativity. I was impressed and moved.

So I decided that this time, I could dare again and watch another animation flick but this time with my Mom! Interestingly, the movie Brave explores the sensitive details of the Mother-Daughter relationship; stark co-incidence. The extent of love and emotional control they exude onto each other and the consequences of one’s immaturity and pride, etc. Brave deals with all the nitty grittiness of a parent-child equation.

Brave, treads in a light hearted manner, a serious and tough equation between a mother and her kids. Princess Merida is a rebel but without a cause. She wants freedom of choice in the way she wants to be and behave and also in finding her suitor. But her Mom ( Queen) and Father (king) have other plans. To the parents, their daughter is a part of political and military alliance strategy. However, the parents insist on good behaviour and decorum from Merida at all times. Especially the Queen. Needn’t say what happens next.

Princess Merida begins a journey from being a free- spirited girl to a responsible and matured young lady who finds a means to build the bridge that she burnt with her mom under the influence of her pride and learns to understand her mom & her own role as a princess.

Yes, Pride also a sin as per Christianity. Many wars have been fought due to this very trait of human nature. Lets examine Pride again. What is it exactly? An amplified EGO! But one thing is for certain that arrogance in a person’s attitude is an open display of the extent of pride that individual must be harboring within.

So cant it be controlled? Yes it can be. What needs to be controlled essentially is Ego. Ensure that it doesnt lead you to stretch it further to beome pride. Otherwise, the only way to get rid of pride from one’s system will be to actually fall flat on one’s face and suffer humiliation. That’ll certainly be enough suasion to the individual for introspection and retrospecting the actions that may have brought him/her to that state in life.

Ego once controlled can be worn as an ornament.Symbolically the snake on Lord Shiva’s neck does the same job.It still remains a fact that some acquire great realisation by going through intense trauma & adversity while some subject themselves to the devtional and detachment model to achieve absolution or enlightenment.

If one would notice our entire life’s course is dedicated whith this sole purpose of understanding ourselves to adapt and survive situations, circumstances and people. Mainly as we cannot control them but control the way we choose to behave and react to them. Thank god! for that atleast self control, self regulation and self-discipline is in our hands. Having said that both self-regulation & self-discipline are both very tough to achieve.

Coming back to the movie Brave, I had tears in my eyes when Princess Merida in the climax scene weeps in her mother’s bearish embrace and regrets her mistakes and apologises. While her mother is no longer angry with her despite the grave mistake that Merida had done; still she is proud of her daughter’s renewed sense of understanding and the efforts she put in place to set things right in order.

Yes, the finer things in life can be understood only when viewed from a different perspective. As these, perceptions influence our beliefs that impact our decisions & dictate the future course of actions & consequences.