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If Gods were still human?

Gods have walked amongst us as men and women and even as children to inspire us to live holistic lifestyles. Gods have inspired culture, communication and have always been a conundrum. Their deaths have often inspired formation of religions and even legions, so to speak.

A little of what they said and did ever got documented and hence begins the process to find what is true and what is farce. I believe everybody knows deep down what is right and what is wrong, from the beginning itself. But mostly people cannot take a stand as they cow down to the societal norms and are simply too afraid to take another path, thus they tread the beaten path; as it is the safest bet.

Sexcapades, scandals and SWAMIJI

Where there is man, there ought to be some action. Swami Nityananda’s recent sex escapades have put a question mark to the very aspect of faith. Now today, even if a holy man descends or ascends amongst us, we may never accept him as we may classify him to be the infamous “Dhongi Baba”.

Nityananda has also claimed about his sex tape as experimentation. If that is experimentation, then he should be upfront about it. His disciples are trying their best to emulate him; I guess if they revere him, they’ll also accept his sexual experiments as a part of religious practise and studies.

The act of sex is classified as materialistic requirement by various doctrines and religious denominations. Lust for sex and greed for money makes one human and even evil. Swami Nityanada may find it difficult to earn people’s faith in him again. People do understand simplicity of a swami’s life and since they find it difficult to renounce the materialism of the world; they try to support and encourage the one who is capable of forsaking materialism. Swami Nityananda’s property and assets run into crores of Indian currency. This proves one thing that his disciples bestowed a great deal of faith in him.

Today, if many are scandalised or consider Swami Nityananda as a fraud then maybe they feel so as they placed their faith in him for a certain image that he (Swamiji) had built about himself over a period of time. Swami Nityananda has toyed with emotions and faith both alike and together. It is hard enough for average humans to abstain & detach themselves; we should not give the status of God to a man who has yet to evolve to that level.

The role of spiritual gurus and religion is to help individuals in a cultured society to identify the path of spirituality and to adhere to it. Hence, it is our responsibility also to select the right guru to keep us on track. Religion is an effective tool of communication in any corner of the world, for centuries sensibilities have been played with and abused for the benefit of a surreal cause. Crusades, communal riots, holocaust, etc. are a testimony to extreme acts of violence associated with cruel intentions of a few people who claimed to know the gospels/religious texts well.

The one thing that every religion always preaches is peace, love, care and to share. These are few things to be learned to cohabit in a mutually dependent cultured civilisation. Since we are literate and educated beings, we can access these texts on our own and even comprehend them. All we need to do is have a little faith and look deep within ourselves for answers; if the goal is to attain ultimate truth.

If your goal is to acquire only wisdom then knowledge provided by certain teachers of religious studies would also help so will reading book on theology. Following a preacher and tagging him God, will only mislead you from your path of knowing the truth. Perhaps he/she is genuine enough then you could respect for their accomplishments and hope to aspire to be at their level someday.

By Celin Thomas