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Working together towards a Common Future

Those days are long gone when to bring about a change we had to be a part of the system; and to be part of this system one had to be excessively qualified. And to attain that level of expertise and knowledge would take years and the person who was once a firebrand would eventually lose focus & determination and work only to make his ends meet. Perhaps there are many who are still working towards a similar future and maybe there is nothing wrong with it.

So maybe it isn’t actually about the age, it is the need after all. Man is so need and demand based that at times he can only realise a situation once he is thrown into the centre of it. Environment is one such neglected aspect which has fortunately gained huge momentum in the last decade. There are many pressing environmental issues like deforestation, loss of biodiversity, water woes, climate change, marine & air pollution, etc. that need immediate action. International organisations, bilateral bodies, government across the continents are all making an effort to work jointly to conserve our common future.

However, it is inappropriate to put the onus on the government and others and conveniently forget our role in the process of environment conservation. Most of these problems are a result of what we all do cumulatively. Now that this part is clear, what is next- is to do our part in reducing the load on environment. Mother Nature on its own has ways to rejuvenate; unfortunately many of us from our species haven’t really given her that ample opportunity or time to do so. In our effort to sustain a certain lifestyle which eventually has an irreversible impact on environment; continues to be the state even today.

Every member of the human race can contribute a lot by bringing simple changes in their lifestyles. For those who are aware have a greater responsibility to make others as aware and educated about the environmental concerns. Naturally, this requires effort on individual level which would reflect nationally as well. Being a citizen of a democratic republic like India; with a rich cultural and historical heritage- we must feel proud for the nation and at the same time responsible for our actions. Everybody can do something about their immediate environment.

We are a young country and many hopes ride on our shoulders including our own dreams and aspirations. We can realise all of this and more if we collectively work towards making our future sustainable. The energy and vibrancy that we as youth can bring to the nation’s economy and intellectual future, we can also do the same for the environment. Depending on cleaner fuel, car pooling, using public transport for longer distances, voting for the right candidate who addresses environmental concerns, are few of the things we can imbibe easily and effectively in our daily lives.

It is these small alterations that would bring about the big change we hope to see. To see youth actively participate in mobilising movements that can bring changes in the political and judicial system in a system-oriented nation of ours will see a huge impact in the way we hope to achieve our environmental goals. Climate change is one issue which we need to tackle collectively and I believe that young minds can creatively mobilise their peers and in turn influence corporations and even government by working together. College festivals, social networking, events, seminars, youth conferences are good ways to network with likeminded individuals who may lead us in the right direction and channelize our energies towards a better future.

A simple effort like this news letter will also contribute its share in making youngsters aware and more responsible towards their environment and our common future…


Celin Thomas-Article is a part of the e-Bulletin C-Shor of Rotaract Club of Bombay, Juhu Beach