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A Simple Prayer for good thoughts

by Celin Thomas
Meditation is a slow healing process. It slowly works as a tonic which will spring one back to life and will also give one the spirit to enjoy life. Meditation is often misunderstood or sometimes even tagged as boring and complicated by many. But it is actually quite simple; all it requires is patience, dedication and discipline.
In my opinion meditation is the best form of prayer; in fact praying is also a type of meditation. To begin with, we can start focusing on something that holds our attention for a longer time. Something that we love, we adore and most importantly something in which we place our faith in. Faith plays a very important role here. It only works if you show enough faith in the action. It’s like a belief, which is also a deeply rooted philosophy or an ideology. Basically, the very core of our existence.
Meditation can enrich one with the life force necessary to function with a balanced state of mind. In simple words, few minutes dedicated to yourself will help you restore mental peace and harmony, even while your life continues to seem chaotic. The real chaos is actually in the mind. We become victims of situations only when we lose track of what we really would want to do at that moment. This disconnect is mainly due to lack of focus and peace and balance within. Our mind controls us and we accordingly control the situation around us. Hence, it is certain that the only way to react in a particular desirable manner to a situation/individual is by means of controlling our mind.
It is also a good practice to occasionally pen down our thoughts, just to keep a tab on how our thoughts are progressing and more importantly in which direction. Positive thoughts will give you hope and harmony and negative will do just the opposite. Hence, our thoughts are responsible for our mood swings, in other words the way we feel at any given moment.
The good part of this whole mind game is that, you are the orchestrating it and this orchestra is for your own entertainment. So, you can also chose the genre as you may please. So tune on to comedy, happiness and peace. Look for dreams and wonderful memories and live with them to put you in a positive state of mind as you are meditating and then affirm yourself repeatedly of how you would like your life to be in the next moment. Be bold and ask, ask yourself. Asking yourself is actually a wonderful exercise to self-discovery. You will know your potentials and also limitations. It’s a wonderful journey to embark upon. To seek the truth is also to discover oneself. And as the Bible says, ‘Seek and ye shall find’.