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Crusades-Crescent & the Cross

by Celin Thomas

Nobody really wants to be reminded about War & Unecessary killings, people like Hitler & many Imperial regime Leaders have done enough of that for us to study History in school & college. History inevitably repeats itself, read on…

But the CRUSADES, were organised by the Papacy (office of the Pope,the religious head of Roman Catholics all over the world). The crusades still considered as a major battle fought in the name of Christ, was actually a planned strategy by the Papacy to curb the spread of Islam in Israel.

The Crusades that began in the 11th century i.e. the medieval era,was spread across the Europe & Britain as a fight for redemption & salvation in the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. Unwise aka Stupid men gathered in flocks to seek redemption & salvation as bribed by the Papacy.

Papacy organised a bloodbath in the name of Christ & was intended to spread Christianity on the power of Sword. They also intended to convert Jews , Bahais & Orthodox Christians which posed a threat to the Papacy’s influence(Catholic Faith rather Catholic Church) across the Globe.Papacy intended to be a super power at the behest of the Christian Faith in Jesus.

Now compare the Crusades with today’s brewing circumstances that is the perfect recipe for a third world war.
American Congress=Papacy,
islam=islamic nations (with petroleum reserves)

Most of the American technology is driven by petroleum. The very sustenance of their economy that supports their so called standard of living is actually threatening the global energy reserves.Unfortunately, any person who takes the President’s position in the Congress will pursue the same goal like Bush to make war with Islamic nations in the name of Al Qaeda or Bin Laden, totally overlooking the fact that they( Islamic Fundamentalists) were actually bred by the American Congress.Terrorism is the baby of America & a curse to our existance

According to the prophecy the King of Terror is th one who is going to wage the Third World War. So although now that US has moved away from Afghanistan to Iraq but to exert its Superpower status globally; it’ll look for a another punching bag. So whether it’ll be Iran, North Korea or Pakistan. My Suggestion to US, please stabilise your economy first than do whatever you wanna do inf future.

Howdy! Mr. President.