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Natural disasters by Natural forces

by Celin Thomas

A disaster is usually accompanied by loss of life , destruction to property and a long-term effect on one’s mental, physical and economical well-being. Disasters are well-known for wiping out species, giving rise to new ones, also dislocation of certain native organisms to a different location where they have to restart the process of adaptation and also fight to survive the new environment and adjust to new neighbours.

If one tries to rationalise a disaster, it not only means catastrophe and destruction but it also reasons survival against all odds. Disaster is a challenge , it’s a test of one’s tolerance, patience, ability to handle a crisis. Disaster is a threat to the ruling party and a boon to the opposition party to malign it for mismanagement. Disasters are those forces of life as well as nature that we cannot control .

Ever wondered why are prophecies and holy books written? Perhaps just to confuse us ,is what some of us might think but some of us might also get an idea as to how to accept disasters as a part of life and try to return to normalcy by learning the underlying truth that there is nothing above nature not even Man himself. The question is not how many of us believe in the supreme power but how many of us really follow the ideal path of life. These gospels and prophecies are meant to make our lives easier in terms of survival in this world and they also forewarn us our fate or probably what we are doing to this world now and what we would be doing to it in future and also what can be done so as not to further butcher it by our inhumane deeds. Natural disasters are meant to happen not to freak us but to bring us together to deal with the aftermath.

Natural forces that eventually lead to natural disasters are usually those events organized by nature that carry the weight of teaching us big lessons. Big lessons that include chapters such as value for one’s life, livelihood, a normal life that we live when things are fine. They also teach us humanity and the need for a well educated and reformed society that believes in rebuilding and restarting a new world for a better tomorrow. Techniques to predict disasters and measures to combat the consequences of catastrophes should be encouraged and fully supported by the people and the government.

Disasters have shaped the form of existence on this planet. They have wiped out the mighty Dinosaurs and Sabretooths and made way for other species to reign this planet. So while accusing disasters for their consequences one has to keep in mind that this is an obstacle that defines the core of our instinct to survive by chance or by natural selection of natural forces of nature.

In the end one has to learn to respect nature in its prestine glory and just learn to live in harmony with it. Panicking with what is in store for us in future should not stop us from living a normal life.

This write up was also published- Natural Disasters by Natural Forces, Panda Bulletin, WWF-MSO magazine [Vol.10(4),2005]