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Living in denial

When a crime happens particularly of the sexually offending nature, there is always shock and dismay but later something happens which is worse then all that- DENIAL. Especially when the sexual offence is committed by someone you know. Someone who commands respect, trust, somebody whom you look up to. So you struggle to accept that somebody like that could stoop so low and inflict upon you such trauma.

A sexual offence is a breach of trust, it sends shock waves not just to the victim or survivor but also it damages their family and does irreparable abrasion to the society. Living in denial that something untoward happened and shrugging it off as an one time incident is not a way to live with it and moving on; it is living in denial.

Knowing something gravely wrong has happened or being administered and doing nothing about it and discouraging somebody from making it matter of concern and deliberation; is again living in denial.

Blaming the actions to alcohol or substance abuse or age of the accused or clothing of the abused; is living in denial. Assuming that the police wont support the victim/survivor of sexual abuse; is living in denial. Thinking and getting discouraged that the judicial battle is a long haul and you may not live to see justice; is living in denial.

Funny, isn’t it. How we follow a pattern that over the years and eons has systematically encouraged, supported and perpetrated sexual violence. Only because we are all LIVING IN DENIAL. So how long do you plan to live in denial.