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Does it really matter anymore what structure gets built at Ayodhya?

The Ayodhya Dispute verdict came as a surprise and in several other versions of disappointment to many. The good thing though, is that it didn’t lead to any violence like it did in 1992. Perhaps that is the only good outcome of the verdict. We have come a long way since ’92 communal riots and also eversince the case has been moving from one court to another over the past 60 years.

Without taking any side, answer few simple questions to which there is huge scope of uncomplicated answers, if anyone is brave enough to speak it out loud. The structure that was demolished in 1992, was it a Mosque or a Temple? If it was Mosque then, why is the land divided into 3 parts and not given to the litigant who actually suffered damages? What happened in ’92, wasn’t it a criminal offence? Wasn’t the ’92 demolition of a holy place that triggered a series of violent outbursts in several corners of India threatening the secular fabric of the world’s largest democracy? Where were the devotees back in 15th Century when the mosque was being constructed at the so called birth place of Ram Lalla Virajman? Why didn’t they raise any concern or any movement if they plead that the holy shrine of their God was being broken into something else?

It’s impractical to blame anybody over what has happened in 15th century as there are no concrete evidences to prove the tall claims of those who feel that they have won. I believe India as a nation has triumphed by not succumbing to any violence despite dealing with such a sensitive subject as God, religious beliefs and holy shrines. It is about time that politicos realise that new age Indians cannot be bought by selling religious texts and fighting crusades in the name of God. New India needs employment, relief from malnutrition and debts, good infrastructure and Peace!

Hence forth the only thing that our future generation will remember about Ayodhya is that; it was a place where in the secular concept of India was torn apart simply out of intolerance of corrupt politicians and incapable law enforcement agents. To think of it, let the disputed sight be given to Archaeological Society of India (ASI), since it is their finding that built the case from ruins to demolition to the current verdict. Let the ASI maintain the demolished sight the way it is so that our future generation will remember the landmark of the limitation of a God’s existence and the cruelty of humankind. Ayodhya is a huge place, I’m sure the court can ask the government to donate land elsewhere to build mosques, temples and akharas.

Every race that came to India has bled enough for its Independence struggle and we must never forget that. Every ethnic group that came to India found a place to start their own culture and beliefs and was accepted the way they are as we were spiritually elevated beings and acknowledged people for their innate goodness. The diversity that has given so many colours to nation can be appreciated only by the ones who don’t have what we have had for centuries. Our children have learnt tolerance and are refined with education, its time we learn a lesson or tow from them on secularism and theology.

by Celin Thomas