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Associations that organise against Women

Outspokenness and liberation of women seems like a distant dream, even today. Please read my previous post here. It amazes me that women who help each and support each other are conspired against.

I believe the famous Malayalam movie actor Dileep is arrested because he used Pulsar Suni to sexually abuse a famed Malayalam movie actress to teach her a lesson.

He wanted to get even with her mainly because she snitched to his ex wife about his affairs and several benaami transactions.

So a woman speaks up and she is taught to fall in line with the harshest means possible. Some men and women simply cannot tolerate a woman who is being just herself. Now I seem to understand why a lot of women are into people pleasing. Because the society just doesn’t accept you for who you are.

The society wants every woman and even children to conform to their imaginary roles. These roles are defined by rules which are strangely unwritten but still followed by almost everybody. Which means if anyone tries to step out of this conformity, they’re bound to be subjected to some kind of treatment or abuse that will ensure they fall in line.

Outspokenness is one thing which conformists do not do. Speaking your mind is a privilege for a few according to many conformists. So who are these few? Actor Dileep? Funny as it may seem. I think outspokenness is also abused greatly by people who have some power or influence over masses and associations.

So whatever the powerful person says or does, everyone in the association sides with them. Again we are dealing with conformity. This conformity is due to fear of the person in power.

So is there a solution? I think there is. Question is- how many are willing to make it happen and or take a stand?

Solution can be that we ensure authority falls in the hands of people who know what good to do with it. It’s the responsibility of the people to question the person in charge all the time.

Power must also fall in hands of those who can take a stand for the greater good. Which also means the person should know what is the difference between good, bad and right & wrong. The person should also have the courage it takes to do all that is right and good.

Too idealistic… Well then I want to know what you have in mind? I would like to know your thoughts.