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Social Evils and its perils

By Celin Thomas

As I write this piece for you, my fellow reader- I’m grappled with fear that maybe this blog like many other social network sites might attract a possible arrest. However, I’m compelled by my conscience to write about the appalling events that are being reported over the last two weeks in India- our country. We are a country with million gods and goddesses and yet we find it difficult to respect human rights, let alone allow another human being to enjoy their human rights.

The gang rape of a 23 year old girl in Delhi says a lot about the kind of society we are living in. It also speaks volumes about the complacent political-governance system in our country. Redundant laws will make a separate blog post altogther (sarcasm).For the patriarchs and chauvinists  this is a definite victory as now you wont see a woman now travelling freely. For the secure men, this is a setback- you may find it increasingly challenging to take a girl out on a date- as most of the time she’ll be thinking DATE RAPE!

But anyways, I just feel as a lady that being a woman in India isnt easy afterall. Worse being a woman of Indian origin living in any other part of the globe also makes us equally deprived. I wonder in astonishment to the extent the society goes to make women uncomfortable and feeling threatened.

Mr. Botsa Satyanarayana, Chief of Congress for the state of Andhra Pradesh says that- all of this happens as women venture out late. I want to know what do the night club & pub owners have to say to that. As Mr. Narayana’s comment is really below the belt for women and pinching the bottomline for pub & restaurant owners- no more ladies night!!! What do the gigolos have to say about that, huh?!?!

Even as we debate and argue rapes continue to happen through out the nation and at an appalling rate and frequency.Socially speaking it’ll cripple the growth of women (affecting their empowerment), politically it’ll affect the ruling party, economically it’ll affect tourism & restaurateurs. So much to think about the perils of social evil like rape.

So who is at fault? the victim or the rapist, our complacent political-justice system, and oh the law enforcement officers. Does anyone like to be in centre of a controversy? Did anyone ask Nirbhaya (media christened name for the gang rape victim) if she wanted to be raped in a public transport vehicle?

How is a middle class college going girl supposed to travel, if not in bus? Providing a safe atmosphere to function smoothly in activities is not just a requirement for women, it also a necessity to men. So why complain so much, just provide people what they need?

To answer how do we stop rape? Is going to be a complicated one! Since poor congress led UPA govt has been unsuccessful at it and quite possibly it’ll show in the next election results. We need to change the attitude of people in the society that sees women progressing as a threat. Women are generally perceived as docile and non-complaining types, hence it becomes easier for certain wrongly brought up people to attack them.

I read that the psychology behind arson and rape is the same. To explain further- both the crimes involve inflict permamnent destructive damage to a property or person and gives the perpetrator the same sado-masochistic pleasure of feeling dominant and in charge of another property/person’s fate.

So maybe, this psychology which the rapists witness in their households have to be checked or corrected. Most of these men who are raping women, they dont exactly know are men who have tried their heinous acts on women they already know. Who unfortunately are in no position to complain or retaliate. This has given these men confidence to move out of their houses to commit such felonies to other women.

They say, most of the time women know the rapist- even before the crime is committed to them. It is unfair and unjust and totally illogical to claim that a woman asked for being raped. Nobody wants to be raped or sodomised, I doubt if grants any pleasure to the victim. So why deconstruct or reconstruct the victim’s background while the problem actually lies with the criminal himself.

Do we need to train and educate boys and men to behave in a society, damn right-Yes, we need to do it and ASAP!

Otherwise, we will soon be competing with the doomed Afghanistan in the state of affairs. They say, country where a woman is not honoured will never progress. So true! Please examine how far have we come post 1947?