Between heaven and hell: Earth or Limbo

Does it intrigue you that a place like heaven or hell exists somewhere? Probably in the deeper layers of planet earth, the underworld is where one could find the brimstones described in holy texts that describe the identity of hell. Then where is heaven, if hell is down, then heaven is the sky. The sky that we all adore when it’s nice and clear that spreads warmth through the sun rays that penetrate through it, everyday.

Heaven and hell are not literally places, that one can visit but it is actually, the state of mind, developed by our conscience and nurtured by the circumstances that surround us. The best way to experience heaven is to be with people who love you, genuinely. People who vow to protect you and feed you, raise you and even wipe your tears. Every person will develop their own perception of hell, again through various experiences. They could be incidents like a harrowing childhood with abusive parents, witnessing a riot, war or some ghastly act that one might have experienced or witnessed and survived to tell the tale to others. Yes, these are a few handful people who have survived the infernal intentions of certain violent creatures and they have experienced hell.

Parzania, talks about the existence of heaven and hell on earth, just as its caption suggests. In the beginning, the movie shows a society that lives together and is happy, even progressive and tolerant. Then from nowhere there are these sudden undercurrents of midnight surveys, flagging of shops with saffron colour, all after the Godhra carnage, a subtle indication of brewing violence. Pretty soon a curfew is declared. Men with swords dominate the streets, incinerating properties, men and women, violating women of all ages. The peace keepers and the guards, all of them shed their values, forget their duties and allow the genocide to happen.

The riots and the aftermath followed by the suffering of grieving people, all of them, innocents. Like the parents, in this movie, who lost their son, and have ever since remained in the limbo hoping that someday their lives would be the same as it used to be, once their son returns. Parzania, is a movie which has beautifully narrated the occurrence and the reason behind the riots.  Clearly, an act to terminate the existence of the minority.

But the point at which it scores remains the fact that, it has shown the human struggle to survive amongst those, with whom they co-exist.  The agony of loosing dear ones, getting agitated by the slightest provocation are some of the fears and pent up of emotions that would constitute the baggage with which every survivor would live with,  in the coming years.

Riots are periodical events that continue to infect our society like a virus that cannot be eradicated as people still harbour the grudge in their minds that feeds this virus.  It’s very easy to trigger violence, once these like minded people get together.  So, is there a treatment for this virus? Yes there is! And it’s in our hearts and it arises from the fact that we still have the ability to care for our loved ones, and those we wouldn’t want them to be hurt.  This same feeling is to be nurtured in our minds when it comes to individuals who belong to another family and another community.

Ultimately, we all feel the same emotions in different ways.  So we could find different ways to co-exist rather than to butcher each other. There is no answer to an act that is committed in the name of god that ultimately puts the faith of the victims at stake.  We must start questioning ourselves, have we really progressed? Are we any more tolerant than we were few centuries?  Do our religions answer these two questions? Has our religion made us human enough to understand humanity and the value of a man’s life?

by Celin Thomas

About Celin Thomas

I love to read, write and express myself freely. So yes, I do thank the gods every time I blog- to have given me this platform to communicate.

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