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Sania-Shoaib-Ayesha: Scoop or just another sleazy love triangle

Sport stars and celebs are constantly in the limelight, they often attract attention for their personal lives more than their achievements in their respective fields. Anna Kournikova was known more for her affair with popstar Enrique Iglesias than her sport tennis, David Beckham sex texts with Rebecca Loos made tabaloids go ga-ga for a long time and the more the recent Tiger Woods serial sex escapades saga.

Looks like there are more skeletons in their closet than awards and achievements from their profession to display. Perhaps when they fall short in their accomplishments, revealing some of these skeletons would buy them some media bytes and perhaps even sympathy. Sportstars like spiritual gurus are revered all over the globe by their loyal fans. Some of these stars take their roles seriously like Sachin Tendulkar and live up to the expectations off their followers and also raise the standards of the game they play. They command so much respect that even the media wouldn’t want to portray them otherwise.

But for the rest of the folklore I guess cheap media publicity is the only way out. I mean look at the state of media. Constantly running out of breaking news, they cover sleaze by showing peoples personal lives which is actually nobody’s business. Come to think of it, how will knowing how many wives Shoaib Malik has will make a difference to an average individual?

These days relationships, engagements and marriages are breaking at such a pace reflecting the inconsistency, insecurity and uncertainty of the human mind. I mean it was just two months that Sania Mirza called off her engagement with her childhood sweetheart. So now, where did Shoaib Malik land from? There are series of evidences released by Ayesha Siddiqui, wonder what she plans to achieve through them instead of just politely asking for a divorce, she preferred to malign herself, her entire family and thinks to harm Shoaib Malik as well. I guess Ayesha Siddiqui is unaware of Shoaib’s god-like status in Pakistan.

Whatever is the truth or if the whole thing is a sham even then this kind of news is for magazines which covers sleaze read by a certain section of society predominantly consisted of gossip mongers. Not many are interested in their lives and certainly not even their professional accomplishments. Our country unlike many theocratic countries is free and many sport stars can be created if they are given the right opportunity. So even if Sania Mirza leaves India, it’ll give many other women in India to gain similar pedestal in our country.

Sports icons come and go, they create history, make their countries proud and later retire and soon in no time another star is born; this is a cycle. People must give up their fixations to one person and try open up to budding talents. If its drama that you are looking for then just look at your own life closely. Anyway there isn’t any dearth of sleaze magazines and tabloids in our country which mainly promote false news about celebs to garner publicity and interest for a certain period to attract attention for a new product or service.

By Celin Thomas



Does it really matter anymore what structure gets built at Ayodhya?

The Ayodhya Dispute verdict came as a surprise and in several other versions of disappointment to many. The good thing though, is that it didn’t lead to any violence like it did in 1992. Perhaps that is the only good outcome of the verdict. We have come a long way since ’92 communal riots and also eversince the case has been moving from one court to another over the past 60 years.

Without taking any side, answer few simple questions to which there is huge scope of uncomplicated answers, if anyone is brave enough to speak it out loud. The structure that was demolished in 1992, was it a Mosque or a Temple? If it was Mosque then, why is the land divided into 3 parts and not given to the litigant who actually suffered damages? What happened in ’92, wasn’t it a criminal offence? Wasn’t the ’92 demolition of a holy place that triggered a series of violent outbursts in several corners of India threatening the secular fabric of the world’s largest democracy? Where were the devotees back in 15th Century when the mosque was being constructed at the so called birth place of Ram Lalla Virajman? Why didn’t they raise any concern or any movement if they plead that the holy shrine of their God was being broken into something else?

It’s impractical to blame anybody over what has happened in 15th century as there are no concrete evidences to prove the tall claims of those who feel that they have won. I believe India as a nation has triumphed by not succumbing to any violence despite dealing with such a sensitive subject as God, religious beliefs and holy shrines. It is about time that politicos realise that new age Indians cannot be bought by selling religious texts and fighting crusades in the name of God. New India needs employment, relief from malnutrition and debts, good infrastructure and Peace!

Hence forth the only thing that our future generation will remember about Ayodhya is that; it was a place where in the secular concept of India was torn apart simply out of intolerance of corrupt politicians and incapable law enforcement agents. To think of it, let the disputed sight be given to Archaeological Society of India (ASI), since it is their finding that built the case from ruins to demolition to the current verdict. Let the ASI maintain the demolished sight the way it is so that our future generation will remember the landmark of the limitation of a God’s existence and the cruelty of humankind. Ayodhya is a huge place, I’m sure the court can ask the government to donate land elsewhere to build mosques, temples and akharas.

Every race that came to India has bled enough for its Independence struggle and we must never forget that. Every ethnic group that came to India found a place to start their own culture and beliefs and was accepted the way they are as we were spiritually elevated beings and acknowledged people for their innate goodness. The diversity that has given so many colours to nation can be appreciated only by the ones who don’t have what we have had for centuries. Our children have learnt tolerance and are refined with education, its time we learn a lesson or tow from them on secularism and theology.

by Celin Thomas

Working together towards a Common Future

Those days are long gone when to bring about a change we had to be a part of the system; and to be part of this system one had to be excessively qualified. And to attain that level of expertise and knowledge would take years and the person who was once a firebrand would eventually lose focus & determination and work only to make his ends meet. Perhaps there are many who are still working towards a similar future and maybe there is nothing wrong with it.

So maybe it isn’t actually about the age, it is the need after all. Man is so need and demand based that at times he can only realise a situation once he is thrown into the centre of it. Environment is one such neglected aspect which has fortunately gained huge momentum in the last decade. There are many pressing environmental issues like deforestation, loss of biodiversity, water woes, climate change, marine & air pollution, etc. that need immediate action. International organisations, bilateral bodies, government across the continents are all making an effort to work jointly to conserve our common future.

However, it is inappropriate to put the onus on the government and others and conveniently forget our role in the process of environment conservation. Most of these problems are a result of what we all do cumulatively. Now that this part is clear, what is next- is to do our part in reducing the load on environment. Mother Nature on its own has ways to rejuvenate; unfortunately many of us from our species haven’t really given her that ample opportunity or time to do so. In our effort to sustain a certain lifestyle which eventually has an irreversible impact on environment; continues to be the state even today.

Every member of the human race can contribute a lot by bringing simple changes in their lifestyles. For those who are aware have a greater responsibility to make others as aware and educated about the environmental concerns. Naturally, this requires effort on individual level which would reflect nationally as well. Being a citizen of a democratic republic like India; with a rich cultural and historical heritage- we must feel proud for the nation and at the same time responsible for our actions. Everybody can do something about their immediate environment.

We are a young country and many hopes ride on our shoulders including our own dreams and aspirations. We can realise all of this and more if we collectively work towards making our future sustainable. The energy and vibrancy that we as youth can bring to the nation’s economy and intellectual future, we can also do the same for the environment. Depending on cleaner fuel, car pooling, using public transport for longer distances, voting for the right candidate who addresses environmental concerns, are few of the things we can imbibe easily and effectively in our daily lives.

It is these small alterations that would bring about the big change we hope to see. To see youth actively participate in mobilising movements that can bring changes in the political and judicial system in a system-oriented nation of ours will see a huge impact in the way we hope to achieve our environmental goals. Climate change is one issue which we need to tackle collectively and I believe that young minds can creatively mobilise their peers and in turn influence corporations and even government by working together. College festivals, social networking, events, seminars, youth conferences are good ways to network with likeminded individuals who may lead us in the right direction and channelize our energies towards a better future.

A simple effort like this news letter will also contribute its share in making youngsters aware and more responsible towards their environment and our common future…


Celin Thomas-Article is a part of the e-Bulletin C-Shor of Rotaract Club of Bombay, Juhu Beach